Themus' Weekly Writerly Update

This is to be the first of many boring updates on my struggles to write my Pet Project.  Please feel free to not respond to this in any way.  Please also feel free at this point to de-friend me if you only friended me for fiction updates.  I promise I won't take it personally or cry or start an internet flame war against you.  Scout's honour.  *coughs*

P.S.  I totally know that 'writerly' isn't a word.  I just like it, so I'm going to use it anyway and annoy the heck out of everyone :D  And no, I won't be doing that in the Pet Project.

That being said - on with the ranting . . . .

Update summary (for those who want a short version):
Pet project word count:  3/100k
Things learned:  How and why to use outlines; how not to abuse dialogue tags
Problems encountered:  Narrative voice and dialogue choices; naming my creations

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I don't know how to say this, but . . .

Dear Flist,

I'm quitting.  Again.

No, don't panic, I'm not disappearing - I have every intention of sticking around and reviewing everyone's fics and commenting on people's posts, etc. but I'm officially retiring from fanfiction.  Forever 'n' ever.  Basically my fanfic muse died (let us mourn poor Alfred) and I'm just not feeling it any more.  On top of this, my original fiction muse has sprung up new and fresh (we'll hold a christening service for Monsieur Renard at a more appropriate time).

Over the last two years you guys have been endlessly supportive, helpful and encouraging; constantly interested, for some unknown reason, in what I have to say; diligent in giving feedback for even the strangest and most painful of my babies and I am utterly thankful beyond all articulation for the way in which you have helped me to grow in confidance and in skill since I joined your ranks.  So, to everyone, thank you.

I feel now that I want to grow more, to put what I've learned into effect and actively work on improving my writing while working towards publication.  That's right, guys, Themus is going for print.  Whoever would have guessed?

So now I've joined this amazing site, which I have to recommend for anyone who seriously wants to improve their writing - - where published and unpublished alike give workshops, critique submitted works, and join together for weekly writer Think Tanks.  There is so much useful (and frightening) stuff there that I'm sure you could all get a kick out of it.  It's very scary how much I still have to learn, but now I'm beginning to pick up on those bad habits I've got into (like abusing those adverbial attributions and dialogue tags) and I'm being forced to really, truly think about my writing as a professional.  How do I structure my plot?  Should I use third person unified or limited?  Is my character sympathetic?  How will he grow and change throughout the book?  What do I do if a scene doesn't work?  Why can't I think of a darn title?

So I'm definitely sticking around, because I love you guys too much to leave again, but from now on I will only be working on my novel (which, unfortunately, I can't post due to First Publication Rights - although I may give you snippets every now and again!) and maybe some short stories just to keep Monsieur Renard alive and happy.  I will no doubt be posting on the quandaries I face every day trying to decide how to write this darn thing, and of course your input is highly appreciated on that if you choose to give it :D.

I know that last time I quit it was in less than favourable circumstances.  This time it's not because I can't cope, but because I'm ready to move on, to challenge myself, to better myself, to do what you all have so often said that I can do, if only I have the will to do it.  So, with any luck, this will now really become a writing blog.  And perhaps, after a while, I will dare to actually call myself an 'author'.

Still grateful beyond words,
a fledgling ready to fly the nest,
Ryan angst

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Author: themus_revenge
Genre:  Gen/AU
Characters:  Ryan, Luke, OMCs, OFCs
Rating: M
Word Count:  18,500
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Josh Schwartz, even my dignity.  I don't make any profit from this, I'm too busy sewing together newspapers to make clothes.
Warnings: Graphic violence.  Extremely disturbing events.  Dark!fic.  Strong language.  Non-graphic sex between minors - consensual.  For spoiler warnings highlight between the brackets: [Non-graphic dub-con prostitution of a minor. Very graphic and disturbing death of major character.]
Summary: Seth never stopped Ryan from running away at the beginning of 102 The Model Home.

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I totally just squicked myself.  Squicked myself beyond belief.

I need to write something happy, but I can't, because I'm in a dark mood.  But I can't write any more of that, because I'm thoroughly squicked and need to recover.

This sucks.

Drabble spam #3

Since I didn't have much time to spam yesterday, I thought I'd continue today and over the weekend.

Broken Pottery - drabble #3
Author: themus_revenge
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No, I don't own them and in my wildest dreams I could make money from this.
Warnings: Sadness.

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