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Themus' Weekly Writerly Update #4

Update summary:
Pages Torn (working title):  8/100k (2 chapters complete)

Before anyone says it: yes, I realise I skipped a week.  There wasn't much to update, life having got severely in the way, so I decided not to bother you with it.  This week everything was chugging along pretty nicely.  Nothing nasty happened (writing-wise) and I didn't learn anything exciting, so I'm afraid it's a pretty boring update this time.

I have, however, signed up for the July/August challenge over at, which is to write four chapters of at least 1000 words by the end of August .  Considering my slow pace I should just about manage that :D

I've also signed up for a workshop over there on improving dialogue.  I've always felt dialogue to be my weak point.  It has certainly improved a lot over the last two years and I no longer look at each line with dread, but it still often feels forced and seems to take way too much thinking about to get it to come out sounding natural to the characters.  Dialogue doesn't really tend to flow for me.  I read other fics and the writers seem to just have a total knack at dialogue - where their characters (and with OC fanfic, the same characters as I used) would just throw out these lines of totally zinging dialogue.  Those are the lines which aren't directly related to story or plot goals but which speak so much to character.  Those are the lines which add touches and nuances to characters that develop them into real people.  I can't do that stuff.  At least, I don't feel that I can, and if I ever have it's been purely by accident.  I'm hopeful that this workshop will teach some tricks to getting my dialogue to flow instead of just feeling mechanical and stilted.

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Anyway, it's entirely likely that I'll be posting my responses to the exercises here as well, just for general interest.  Yes, there are exercises.  This week you'll see a critique of Hemingway's use of dialogue in 'The Three Day Blow' (yes, we even have to take books out of the library and do homework!), plus I'll post the original version of a scene I'll be working over during the next month.  I'm excited!

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